A Novice suspected of hacking a monk with a knife charged with penal code article 326 at Hsipaw Police station

An abbot from Pankha village was hacked with a knife on November 18 and was getting treatment at Hsipaw hospital until the day of reporting (November 24).
Police charged a novice at Hsipaw Myoma Police Station with penal code article 326 for hacking an abbot Ashin U Nyanawbatha at Pankha village in Ohnmu village tract, Hsipaw township while the abbot was praying around 6:30 am on November 18.
A local villager who doesn’t want to be named told Ta’ang Women’s Organization, “the abbot was praying in his room. At the same time, there were two other monks praying in front of the Buddha statue. Other novices were sweeping in front of the monastery. He was just blamed. All were praying at the same time. They came in and hacked. Nobody saw but someone with guerilla uniformed was seen. In this area, everybody knows who wear guerilla uniform.”
The abbot was severely injured behind the head and is getting medical treatment at Hsipaw hospital.
Relating to the incident, the Restoration Council for Shan State (RCSS) based in Pankha village called abbots from Htansant, Pankham, Manloi and Ohnmu in Ohnmu village tract and hold a meeting.
A local who listened in the meeting said, “What they said in meeting is that the incident was happened in the monastery and it must be among peers. We asked the abbot who stacked him and the monk said it was the novice. So, we can’t say anything at the meeting. Anyway, now there is someone who saw (a person in uniform). So, it could not be the novice. The Shan soldiers came to the monastery day and night since the incident was occurred.”
RCSS/SSA ordered the villagers not to go out of the village until the abbot recovers and seized the mobile phones of the villagers from Manloi, Htansant and Pankha villages until now.
There was an incident two years ago that the abbot was arrested by RCSS/SSA. He was arrested after the Shan soldiers checked the tool box of the motorbike while a novice sent the abbot with the motorbike which was bought with the donations from villagers. The abbot was release only after all the villagers guaranteed him.