War refugees need food and utensils

More than one hundred villagers from new Kone Thar village in Kyaukme Township had fled since January 2 due to daily skirmishes between Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS/SSA) and Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA).

As RCSS troops stationed at the top of Kone Thar village and locals are fleeing to Ohn Ngan village because they are afraid to stay in the village hearing gunshots every day.

Mai Hla Kyaw from Kone Thar village said, “(We heard) gunshots since 5:00 in the morning of (January) 2. All the villagers were afraid. Shan Soliders stationed at the top of the village  as well as in the village, nobody dared to go back home.”

No organization has helped the refugees and they are needing foods and other utensils.

A Ohn Ngan villager who helped refugees said, “No organization has come and we collect rice from each household in the village and help. Some gave them vegetables. But, it would be difficult for the long run. We should think how to help them.”

Runaway villagers do not know when should they go back to their village and they just want the fighting stops, he said.

Furthermore, two locals from Khone Thar, Mai Kyaw Win and Mai San Lin were abducted by RCSS at the night of January 1. Two of them managed to flee when they reached at the tip of the Htaung Paloe village.