A resident of the Winkapar Village steps on a land mine near the monastery and a leg cut off

A local man stepped on a landmine and lost his leg in Winkapar Village, Homaw Group, Namhpatkar Village, Kutkai Township in northern Shan State.

The incident happened on the morning of December 19, 2023 when a local resident 25-years-old Mai Nyi Kyein was on his way from Namhpatkar to Loikan village to get a mobile phone and he stepped on a landmine laid by the Terror Military Council.

The victim Mai Nyi Kyein said, “I was to get a mobile phone from Loikan. I haven’t even entered the village. I stepped on a landmine near the monastery at the entrance of the village. I was wounded on my leg and had to be amputated my left leg.”

The place where the villager stepped on the landmine was a place where the Terror Military Council troops made a camp before the fighting between the Terror Military Council and Kachin Army at Loikan Village.

According to the documentation of the Ta’ang Women’s Organization, since the 1027 operation started until today, there have been (47) locals including (12) children had been injured by landmines in Namkham, Muse, Kutkai, Lashio, Namtu and Namsan townships. The areas of landmine where the villagers stepped were old military camp or the areas near the current military camps. 

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