A Woman injured at her leg due to heavy weaponry shooting by the Terror Military Council and being treated at Lashio hospital

On December 29, 2023, in Lashio Township, Lashio District, Northern Shan State, at 10:00 a.m., a husband and wife who were returning from Mangsan Village to Lashio by motorcycle, when they reached to the entrance of E-nai Village, the wife was seriously wounded in the leg by the terrorist war council’s heavy weaponry shelling.

The resident of Mangsan, Daw Nan Kyein Kham was severely injured after her left calf muscle was crushed. But, her husband accompanied with her was not injured.

A resident of E-nai village who knows the incident said, “They were going from Mangsan to Lashio. When they got at the entrance of our village, a heavy weapon shell dropped and blasted and hit the woman. The calf muscle was gone. Now, she is getting treated at Lashio hospital.”

She continued that there was no fighting on December 31 at E-nai village, but due to the indiscriminate heavy weaponry shelling, E-nai bridge connecting Lashio-Mangsan-Namsan was also broken and destroyed.

Photo – Local

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