Two houses destroyed in aerial bombardment by the Terror Military Council at Namhpatkar Ward 6

As the Terror Military Council’s aircraft bombed around 11:30 am on December 29, 2023 at Namhpatkar Ward 6, Kutkai township, Muse district in northern Shan State, the bomb dropped on and destroyed two civilian houses.

One of the female house owners told Ta’ang Women’s Organization (TWO), “The fighting started since 5 in the morning. Around 6:30, Kachin soldiers entered into the monastery. When the air plane came around 11:30, the Kachin soldiers went into the trench near the fence of the house. So, the plane dropped the bomb directly on the house. Now, all the walls and roof went opened. The house dropped on the adjacent house.”    

In the incidents of bombing, the bombs dropped and exploded on the houses of Daw Um and Daw E Kham Sein. The zinc roof, zinc walls and household utensils such as sofa chair, table, aluminium cabinet, wooden cabinet as well as 4 packages of cooking oil, gasoline and kitchen were destroyed.

Even though the houses were destroyed, they could not repair their houses as they had to flee away from fighting until now.

As the fighting is intensified in Namhpatkar and the locals had to flee to Mongyulay, Homaw, Mawsaung, Mannain villages as well as the villages in Namkham township, and the phone and internet were cute in these areas, the casualties and damages on the ground may higher then documented and TWO is investigating on more details.