Three children dies due to the explosion while playing not yet exploded weaponry

February 2, 2024

Ta’ang Women’s Organization

Today on February 2, at 9:15 am., three children who played an unexploded weapon and exploded, were killed at Kyaung La Ward, Zayanggyi village, Namsan Township, Ta’ang Region, northern Shan State.

Mai Anawrahtar, a male villager from Zayanggyi village said, “The children were playing lower part of the village. They might have taken a mine that was not yet exploded. We haven’t seen the pieces of the mine exploded.

As three children are playing while siting, two were killed when it blasted. One was alive at the beginning but he died when people were preparing to take him to hospital.  

Three children who were killed while playing with Mine are 9-year-old Mai Ah Saw, 6-year-old Ah Chai and 8-year-old Mai Hla Min Aung.


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