Myanmar Tatmadaw’s Missiles Kills 2 Villager and Injury One Villager in Kutkai

This afternoon at 1 pm, Myanmar Tatmadaw’s Operations Command IB 45 fired missiles to Pain Hwe village, Phat Yai, Kutkai and it killed 2 villagers and severely injured one villager. The injured villager is currently in Hospital.

The dead couple are U Aik Dat, 45 and Daw Aye Am, 35. U Aik Dat Aye, 60 was severely injured on his head.

A local said, “IB 45 was just firing 2 big weapons from their base camp. One just dropped in U Aik Dat’s yard and exploded. The couple was about to go to clinic because they were sick. Just while they were walking in the yard, it hit both of them. U Aik Dat just died there. Daw Aye Am died as soon as they arrived at Kutkai Hospital. The fragments also hit U Aik Dat Aye’s head, their neighbor.”

According to locals, the dead couple left 5 children.

The Tatmadaw Camp and the incident location has a distance between them of 1 hour walk (10 minutes by motorbike) according to villagers.


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