Six people including 2 children killed due to second bombardment of the Terror Military Council at Namhsan Myothit

January 7, 2024

Today, on January 7, 2024 around 3:30 pm, the Terror Military Council intentionally dropped 500 lb-bomb using airplane at Myothit village in Namhsan Township without any fighting, six civilians including 2 children were killed, initial information stated.

A Namhsan local said, “Currently around there (Phone) lines were cut. People from this side of village could heard very loud sound. They dropped bomb in the village. Both people and houses were hit.”

Due to that aerial bombardment, a teacher from Ta’ang Naitonal Education Committee (TNEC) and his 2 sons were killed. In addition, other 3 women from the village were also hit and killed on the spot. So, the total death toll was 6 people.

Due to that bombardment, the villagers fled to adjacent tea-leaf plantations and jungle. Many civilian houses were also damaged. Ta’ang Women’s Organization is investigating on the details of injured people and destroyed properties.

On November 19, 2023 at 9:45 pm, during the aerial bombardment of the Terror Military Council killed (2) civilians, injured, other and damaged (25) civilian houses.

Photo – Local