Three Villagers Killed in Thonsel Village of Nawnghkio Township Due to the Terror Military Council’s Indiscriminate Firing of Heavy Weapons Without Reason

Three villagers were killed and houses were damaged due to the aerial bombardment of the Terror Military Council on Thonsel Village in Nawnghkio Township, Northern Shan State, around 1:00 PM on January 11th.

A resident of Thonsel Village told the Ta’ang Women’s Organization, “This news is true, it happened while I was working in another village. I heard that large weapons were dropped, and as far as I know, three people were killed. Family members of a Gurkhas clothing store were injured.”

He went on to say that those who died were from the same family, including their 13-year-old daughter, and her parents who were hit by heavy weapons and died while receiving medical treatment.

“We don’t know where these heavy weapons were thrown from. In my village, they seem to be shooting from all directions. I don’t even know which direction they came from; it’s like we have to count the number of shells falling every day. A helicopter also came to our village to drop bombs. Because it fell near my house, it was said to be dropped by airplane. My son told me that our house was also hit by a shell, but no one was hurt.” He added.

He revealed to the Ta’ang Women’s Organization that after the Terror Military Council opened fire, Thonsel Village was again bombed by airplanes, resulting in damage to houses, the exact number of which is not yet known.

Since November 2023, the Pyidaungsu Main Road from Ohnmathee Village to Pyin Oo Lwin Town has been closed and impassable for almost two months.

In Nawnghkio Township, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and MDY-People’s Defence Force (Mandalay) have been fighting side-by-side against Military Concil since the first week of January 2024, with both organizations declaring that they had captured the military council base in Thanbo Village.

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