Three landmine victims in Muse, who had their legs amputated, need help for medical expenses

Three local residents from Muse in northern Shan State, who had to cut one leg each, needs help for medical expenses for further treatments.

The incident happened on January 11 after 4 pm when 45-years-old U Sai Sam Khao stepped on a land mine near a local spiritual shrine of the village and seriously injured on his right leg, while he was going to cut some firewood.  

The younger sister of U Sai Sam Khao told Ta’ang Women’s Organization, “he went to find firewood near the spiritual shrine and stepped on a landmine. His right leg needed to be amputated below the knee. Now, he is still at the hospital. He could not speak since he was born and he didn’t say anything.”

In addition, U Sai Khun Yee Aung from Mangmai village on January 14 around 12:30 pm also stepped on at landmine while he was also finding firewood. His leg got serious injury and had to be amputated.

The landmine victim U Sai Khun Yee Aung said, “I stepped on a landmine while finding firewood on the prayer hill. I didn’t think there will be a landmine as there is no military camp. Other injuries were minor and I had my leg amputated.”

Similarly, on January 15 at 3 pm, (44)-years-old U Sai Tun Myint who was finding bamboo to make bamboo strips around Weingnan bridge and stepped on a landmine. He had also his one leg amputated.

So, in the first week of January, three men in Muse stepped on landmines and all of them are Shan Nationals.