Two locals step on landmine and One seriously injured, getting cut off a leg and getting treatment

Mai Nay Htet Linn and Mai Thein Myint who live at Phayagyi village, Namsan township in northern Shan State, were seriously injured after stepping on a landmine while they were searching for remnant of weapons from the Terror Military Council and are getting medical treatment at a clinic opened in Ta’ang area.

The incident happened when Mai Nay Htet Linn and Mai Thein Myint went to the tealeaf plantation behind the army hill in Manmai Ward, Namsan township and stepped on landmine on January 9, at 12:30 pm..

17-year-old Mai Nay Htet Linn was injured with crashed wound at right knee and blasted wound at right hand and another wound at left hand. 

The Brother of Mai Nay Htet Linn said, “Two of them stepped on landmine in tealeaf plantation behind the military hill. They went to the place where it is prohibited. Nay Htet Linn got lots of injuries. Thein Myint was not injured. Thein Myint carried him on his shoulder and took him to the soldiers. He was put some ointment there and later taken to the village where there was a clinic.”

During December 2023, Ta’ang National Liberation Army (PSLF/TNLA) and the Terror Military Council had serious fighting in Namsan Township.

Currently, Namsan was controlled by Ta’ang army and there are remnant of  landmine and weapons in tealeaf plantation sites.

Photo – Local residents


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