Four locals including a woman, from Muse and Namkham get amputated one of their legs after stepping landmines, taking medical treatment until today

Four locals including a woman in Muse and Namkham in northern Shan State, has stepped on landmines and each of them had to be amputated one of their legs.

On January 23, 47-years-old Daw Ma Lu who lives at Tharyar Gone Ward, Namkham township, stepped on a landmine near the old military camp (Sakhanthit) and she got her left leg amputated as the injury was very serious.

In addition in Muse Township, on January 21 around 11:00 am., a Kachin ethnic man, U Brang San Awng stepped on a landmine while he was going to get honey in the jungle together with one of his friends.

Brang San Awng said, “When I was with a friend going to get honey in the jungle near Mangmai village, I stepped on a landmine. The friend ran away when I stepped on the landmine. So, I have to wrap by myself and went down to Mangmai village alone. Villagers helped me to get the hospital.”

Brang San Awng who stepped on a landmine had fled from Pangsai to Muse as there was fighting and he was seriously injured when he stepped on the landmine. His right knee and hand were wounded with sharpeners and he got his left leg amputated at Muse Central Hospital.

In similar event on Januray 7, when 24-years-old Mai Aik Mrat Kyaw from Loi Lao village, Namkham stepped on a landmine and was seriously injured while he was on his way to see his relatives.

“I was to see my aunts who were making char-coal at Mangmai forest as we lost contacts with them. So, I was worried do they have enough food or are they comfortable. On the way to Mangmai, I stepped on the landmine which made my right leg amputated. Now, I am discharged from the hospital but I had to go for hospital appointments every three days and I cannot go back to the village. I am temporarily staying at a relative’s house at Naung Kham village in Muse township”, said Mai Aik Mrat Kyaw.

On January 12, there has been 8 local people including Mai Nyi Khae who stepped on a landmine and seriously injured but he was taken by the Terror Military Council, on a hill where the Terror Military Council troops based, who stepped on landmines while working for their living, in January at Namkham and Muse, according to the data collected by Ta’ang Women’s Organizations.

Photo –Ta’ang women’s organization.


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