A Mother and Daughter in Lashio Injured by a Landmine Laid by the Terror Military Council and Urgently Require Medical Assistance

a mother and daughter residing in Namton Village, Sonekwal Village tract, Lashio Township, northern Shan State, were hit by a landmine planted by the Terror Military Council on January 24, at 4:00 PM. Both were seriously injured and are facing difficulties in paying medical expenses.

55-year-old Daw Naing Zay and her 12-year-old daughter, Ma Aye Lin, were severely injured when they stepped on a landmine while looking for a broom in the forest.

The victim herself described, “When I went to look for the broomstick, there were four of us and I was at the front of the line, when I stepped on the mine and it blasted. My whole body was injured by mine fragments and my left leg had to be amputated. My daughter was also injured, she lost vision in her left eye and is now completely blind.”

“The place where the mother and daughter were hit by the mine was near the military camp. No one knew that the road passing by was mined all the way across. It wasn’t until the mother and child stepped on a mine that they realized the road was covered with mines,” an eyewitness who accompanied Daw Naing Zay told the Ta’ang Women’s Organization.

The mother and her daughter, who were hit by the landmine, are currently receiving treatment at Lashio Central Hospital. Due to financial difficulties, covering the medical expenses is also challenging for them.

Photo – Ta’ang Women’s Organization