Two men went for firewood in Muse, step on landmine, loss one leg each and seriously injured

Two men from Mangsar and Maingset villages in Muse Township, northern Shan State, stepped on landmines while they were looking for firewood and one leg of each were cut off.

The incident happened on January 29 around 8:00 am, a Shan national and 37-year-old U Sai Kyaw Min stepped on a landmine while he was going into a forest to cut firewood.

The wife of U Sai Kyaw Min said, “He went to the forest to find firewood. He stepped the landmine on the way. His right lef was cut off. His foot was gone. Now, he is getting treatment at Muse People’s hospital.”

In addition, on January 30, 30-year-old Mai Maung Aye who lives at Maingset village, Namkat village tract, also stepped on a landmine while he was going to cut firewood near Naungmo village near a military camp of the Terror Military Council.

A sister of Mai Maung Aye said, “Around 5 pm., when he went around Naungmo to cut the firewood, he stepped on a landmine. Near Naungmo, there is a Burmese military camp. When he stepped on the landmine, the military saw him. They informed the Naungmo village chairman and the villagers came to help him bring. The wound at the left leg was serious. Doctors said it needs to be amputated.”  

During the month of January 2024 alone, according to Ta’ang Women’s Organization’s documentation, 16 locals including women and children from Namkham, Muse, Kutkai, Lashio, Namtu, and Namsan townships have stepped on landmines. These local people stepped on landmines near the Terror Military Council’s army camp and they faced losses of parts of their bodies and even some lives.  

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