A 70-Year-Old Man Who Avoidedthe Fighting of Namhpatkar in Urgent Need of Medical Assistance

The residents of Namhpatkar have to flee to neaby areas, as heavy fighting erupted between the Terror Military Council and the Kachin Independence Army, in Namhpatkar Village, Kutkai Township, northern Shan State.

Among locals seeking refuge from the fighting reached to the Lwetaw field is a 70-year-old grandfather named Tar Sam Thum, who resides in Ward (4) of Namhpatkar. While hiding in an underground trench to escape the fighting, he suffered from joint pain in his legs due to the cold temperature of the ground. After seeking medical assistance and receiving injections, the situation became worse, resulting in swelling and ulceration in his foot.

Besides facing difficulties in covering the medical expenses for treating his ulcerated foot, he also needs help to visit clinics and hospitals.

In addition, his family members are also fleeing the war. Due to uncertainty about how and where to seek medical care, the old man’s foot condition is getting worse, treatment is urgently needed. Assistance can be sought by contacting the Ta’ang Women’s Organization (TWO).