Fighting at Namhpatkar kills 18 locals, injures 8 and damages many houses within a month

Due to the indiscriminate shooting of heavy weaponry and aerial bombardment during the fighting between the Infantry Battalion 123 under the Terror Military Council and Kachin Independence Army (KIA) from December 29, 2023, to today January 25, 2024, innocent 18 civilians were killed, other 8 were injured and many houses were damaged, according to TWO list as much as it could reach.

A local resident who knows the incident said, “The casualties during the fighting were a lot. As far as I know, in Ward 4, five Chinese were killed, 3 Chinese and 3 Burmans were killed in Ward 3. Some bodies were left as they were. There is foul smelling in the wards. There can be others that we don’t know.”

In addition, many religious buildings and houses were also damaged and some people died in the jungle running away from fighting due to lack of food and water.

Another local resident said, “Five monasteries such as Yan Aung Myin, Thandi Thukha, Pan Jarot, Loikan, and Namkhun monasteries were hit, the number 1 State High School was also destroyed. Many houses in the village were burned and destroyed. There is hardly any home which is spared. Most damages occurred in Ward 5. About 13 houses were destroyed in Ward 13 due to aerial bombing.”

In addition, as there was fighting, and while the locals were running away, houses were broken into and rice, paddy and other things in the houses were stolen, he continued.

According to TWO’s documentation during the 1027 operation, (25) locals died and (28) others were injured in Namhpatkar village. As the internet and phone lines were cut, TWO will continue to investigate on detailed damages. 

Photo – Sent by local resident



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