ThreePeople, including an Underaged Child, Injured and a Person Killed as a Result of Heavy Weaponry Firing by the Terror Military Council in the Absence of Fighting

Ta’ang Women’s Organization

Two children and their parents were injured by bullet fragments while the father died on the spot at midnight on January 18, in Peinpyit Lisu Village, Mogok Township, Mandalay Region, when the Terror Military Council opened heavy fire on heavy weaponry shells without any fighting, resulting in an explosion at a residential house.

The deceased, 34-year-old U Asifar, who was died from heavy weapon fragments. His daughters, Ma Chit Chit Htway and Alay Mee, and his wife, Ma Gu Tar Mee, have been taken to Mandalay Hospital for treatment.

One who knows about the incident said,”Large weapons fell on their houses and hit them. There was no time to get up and run away because they were all asleep at the time. Their father died on the spot. His wife and two daughters were seriously injured and were taken to the hospital. We’re still on the way. Due to their poor financial situation, only people in the community have come up with the money to take them to the hospital. Moreover, their house is no longer habitable.”

The deceased, 34-year-old U Asifar, suffered severe chest injuries. His wife, 30-year-old Daw Gu Tar Mee, sustained injuries to her feet, thighs, and cheeks; 7-year-old Ma Alay Mee was hit in the abdomen, with her intestines exposed; 1-year-old Ma Chit Chit Htway suffered injuries to both knees.

Due to the firing of heavy weapons by the Terrorist Military Council without any fighting, the residents of Peinpyit Lisu Village did not dare to stay in the village and fled to nearby villages for shelter.

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