Shelling injured 4 villagers

August 13, 2017

Today at 5:30 am, when fighting erupted between Ta’ang National Liberation Army and Myanmar Tatmadaw LID 88, Tatmadaw Camp 1 was firing shells from Camp 1 reinforcing the LIB 88. The shells hit Kaung Wai and injured 4 villagers. They are currently having medical treatment in Lashio Hospital.

During fighting, although villagers stayed inside their homes, the weapon drop inside the village and injured 3 family members and 1 of their neighbor. The injured villagers are Mai Aung Thein (Chest injury), U Yai Tin (left malleolus injury), Daw Kham Mai (back injury) and Lway San San Moe (2-year-old with leg injury).

U Myint Kyaw from Ta’ang Culture and Literature Association who is assisting the injured villagers said, “There shall soon be peaceful in the villages. If fighting continued, civilian will get injured. It will cause casualities and damage in civilian. This shouldn’t happen anymore. If fighting has to happen, it should only take place outside of the village.”

Due to the shelling, local homes were also damaged. Following the fighting, the Myanmar Tatmadaw troop was exercising inside Kaung Wai village.

Fighting has happened 3 times in Kaung Wai village according to local report.


Information Documentation and Research Department

Ta’ang Women Organization