Myanmar Tatmadaw LIB 88 shoot 3 villagers

Myanmar Tatmadaw LIB 88 shot 3 farmers from Kaung Khe village, Man Lon, Namkham Township after investigation at 2:30 pm, 2nd March 2017. The Tatmadaw stopped the farmers who are coming back from tea farm. Due to the severe injuries, the 3 are in Namkham Hospital for treatment.

When the 3 farmers heard gunfire while harvesting tea, they stopped harvesting tea and came back home. On the way back home, they encountered 5 Tatmadaw soldiers who asked them to sit in roles and questioned them.

A family member said, “when we heard gunfire, we went to hide in charcoal hole. When gunfire stopped, we went out and went home. But we met them on the way back home. They asked us to sit down and question us on where we come from and why we are on this way. A soldiers said ‘shoot them’. Then soldiers start shooting around us. We are shocked and we ran to hide in the bush. But this doesn’t help as they were shoot to where we ran.”

Daw Ay Htar (48), Ay Than Htay (13), and Ei Shwe Oo (17) were shot. The Tatmadaw didn’t allow the casualties to go the hospital unless the villagers came to rescue. At around 5 pm, a charity group came to rescue the casualties and sent them to the hospital. 2 casualties are under operation.

Kaung Khe’s chief said, “armed conflict will happen. We cannot stop it. But it is better if it doesn’t happen near the village. People are frightened. Villagers suffered the most. It is the best if the conflict eventually end.”

During this week, armed clashes are intensified around the areas of Kaung Khe, Namh Hon, Pan San villages. A major weapon by the Tatmadaw also killed a 80-year-old woman in Namh Hon. Villagers from Namh Hon and Kaung Khe fled to Namkham although the number is unknown.



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