Tatmadaw arrested and interrogated villagers

Yan Kin Taung, Mine Ngaw based Myanmar Tatmadaw arrested and interrogated village chief and villagers of Lwe Pain, Myo Thit, Namhsan, Northern Shan State on 14th May 2017. The interrogation is on TNLA and the villagers were detained for one night after the interrogation. 

The Tatmadaw begin their interrogation about TNLA in Lwe Pain village from March to May 2017. They have detained villagers 4 times.

According to a villager, On March 6, 2017, the Tatmadaw call U Tun Lu, U Aik Koe, and village chief to investigate about TNLA. They again call U Aik Pu, U Aik Win and U TUn Kyaw for the same investigation. U Aik Win and U TUn Kyaw were detained from 10 am to 2 pm and U Aik Pu was detained for a night.

 “They first call 2 villagers and the chief and ask questions. And then, they call another 3 villagers. They ask about Ta’ang soldiers. They asked the chief who the next 3 villagers are and what they do. The chief said they are just ordinary villagers. Then they said ‘don’t lie, just tell the truth’. They said ‘if you are lying, we will let you wear Ta’ang soldiers’ uniforms and shoot you’. Then the chief said ‘please don’t, I am not lying. They are just villagers.’ Then they were released”, the villager continued

On 11 March 2017, the Tatmadaw again call U Aik Koe, U Aik Kyaw, and village chief to investigate about TNLA. They threatened that they will burn the village and block the roads if the villagers do not admit the truth. However, the villagers were released after the investigation. 

On 13th May 2017, the Tatmadaw call U Aik Kyaw and accuse him to be TNLA spy. They slapped his face 5 times and put him in custody for one night.

 “On the 13th, they arrest U Aik Kyaw saying that he has some relationship with TNLA and he is a spy. They slap his face. His left eye was swollen. They shut the light off and slapped his ears. He cannot hear well now. They also put him in custody for one night.”

On 14th May, the Tatmadaw question the village chief if U Aik Kyaw is a spy or not. They threatened the chief that they will burn the village if he does not tell the truth. The Tatmadaw kick his back 5 times and hit is forehead 4 times. Then he was released.

 “They call the chief to ask if U Aik Kyaw is a soldier or not. The chief also went to them and admit U Aik Kyaw is a real villager and he has nothing to do with TNLA. He has to approve for the innocence of U Aik Kyaw. However they hit his forehead 4 time and slapped him 5 time. Then they both were released.”


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