A Driver Returning Home by Car Shot Dead by the Terror Military Council

A civilian man driving his Hijet car on the road to Maiyaw Area in Lashio Township,  Lashio District, northern Shan State, in the evening around 7:00 PM on January 16, was shot dead by the Terror Military Council.

A local resident from Lashio who knows the incident said, “I think he was on his way home from work, probably going towards Tarpon village. There were many military checkpoints there. They stopped him at the first checkpoint, but he didn’t stop. When they tried to stop him again at the second checkpoint, he still didn’t stop, so they shot and killed him. He died on the spot. I’m not sure if they took away his car or what happened to it.”

He continued to say that it was not yet clear in which village the deceased man lived and his identity.

From the beginning of the curfew imposed by the Terror Military Council in most of the northern Shan State townships until today, two men from Ward (5) in Lashio and one Wa ethnic man residing on Mong Maw Road in Ward (1) have been shot dead. The number of total deaths has been four.

Photo – Local residents


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