(12) residential houses and (2) religious building damaged after the town seizure battle of Kutkai

Ta’ang Women’s Organization

Besides the (8) local residential houses at Hokyent village and (4) more residential houses at Ward 2 of Kutkai, 2 religious buildings were damaged due to the Terror Military Council’s usage of 500 lb-bomb through airdrop and small and heavy weaponry attacks after the town seizure battle between Ta’ang army (TNLA) and the Terror Military Council at Kutkai township, Muse District in northern Shan State, according to the field documentation of Ta’ang Women’s Organization.

The owners of the damaged houses are Daw Swe Nyunt and U Thein Aung, U Aik Moon and U Win Kyaing in Ward 2 and of U Aik Aung, Ta Khoon Sam, Ta Koon Aye Kaw, U Aik Paung, Mar Aye Kalar, Yang Kyar Chont and U Kyaw Tun from Hokyent village.

The incident happened on January 7 at 3:00 pm., the Terror Military Council planes came and bombed on the house of Daw Swe Nyunt and U Thein Aung at Ward 2 of Kutkai and their house was destroyed. The houses in Hokyent village were damaged during the fighting from December 30, 2023 to January 4, 2024

Daw Swe Nyunt who is living in Ward 2 said, “We fled to Lashio. When we came back and checked, we found the house was damaged. All the bedrooms and kitchen were damaged, especially the Zinc roofs. We need to change the whole roof. Water leaks when it rains or even mists.”

The house owners wanted the perpetrators who committed the damage to be held responsible for the damages, and requested that they (Military) help them pay for the tin roof to repair the roof of the houses even though other small item would not be provided.

The damages of the houses in Hokyent village incude roof, kitchen and house wall of the house of U Aik Aung, 46 tin roof sheets, kitchen and door of the house of Ta Khoon Sam, 46 sheets of tin roof, a wall of the house, main door, cupboard and a window of the house of Ta Koon Aye Kaw, tin roof of the house of U Aik Paung, a window and brick fence of the house of Mar Aye Kalar, tin roof of the house of U Yang Kyar Chont and roof and the wall of the house of U Kyaw Tun. Both villages are in Inmein village tract.

Mother of U Aik Aung said, “The shot with heavy weaponry and hit the houses. So, nothing left for us. The roof and kitchen, all were hit. Now, we cannot stay in the house when it rains. If possible, we want them to help us back.” 

U Kyaw Tun whose house was also damaged said, “We fled to Kholone. I came back and check the house worrying the thieves would break in. When the Burmese soldiers came with plane and bomb, I was in the bedroom upstairs. The roof was hit. Now, there is no job. So, it would take time to repair the house as we don’t have income. If possible, we want help.” 

Beside the damage of the civilian houses, the Taung Tang Monastery in Ward 8 and Monk Hostel, Prayer hall, Preaching hall of Thathana Rakkhita Monastery and the lake of public use were also damaged.

The cost to repair the two teaching monasteries would be billions in kyats and the monastery at Hokyent village may cost hundreds of millions of kyats, the locals estimated.

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