More Than 300 Buildings Damaged in The Battle at The Base of Infantry Battalion 123 in Namhpatkar

More than 300 buildings, including local houses, schools, and religious buildings in Namhpatkar Village, Namhpatkar Village tract, Kutkai Township, northern Shan State were damaged by fires since December 29, 2023, during the battle to take over the base of Infantry Battalion 123 in Namhpatkar between the Terror Military Council and the Kachin Independence Army.

The areas and villages affected by the airstrikes and heavy weaponry shelling from the Terror Military Council include Ward 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Namhpatkar as well as Aemkhum Village, Manmaw Village and Sitaban Village, which also suffered severe damage. Among the most severely damaged buildings, some were destroyed due to the burning by both armed forces.

A resident of Ward 5 said, “Nearly 100 houses in the village were destroyed, with 7 of them burned to ashes. About 10 houses were damaged to the point of being uninhabitable, and the whole village has been affected. Some people had to set up their own tents to live in because they had no shelter. It will not be easy to rebuild the village to what it used to be, and the temples were also burned down, all of them destroyed.”

In addition, religious buildings in Namhpatkar Village, such as Thandithukha Temple, Yanaungmyin Temple, Pantayawp Temple, and Aemkhum Temple, were also attacked by airstrikes and heavy weapons and destroyed by fire.

According to the data collected by the Ta’ang Women’s Organization (TWO) and the information provided by local residents, the damaged buildings include 128 houses in Ward (5), 50 houses in Ward (1), 40 houses in Ward (2), 30 houses in Wards (3) and (4), 30 houses in Lawgone Village, 5 houses in Lwekan Village, 12 houses in Aemkhum Village, 35 houses in Manmaw Village, and 36 houses in Sitaban Village, totaling 366 houses.

Photo- Local Resident

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