Bombing of scout aircraft, during the Kutkai town seizure battle, injures 3 Kutkai locals who are now in difficulty to pay the medical expenses

Daw Aye Swae, 38-year-old villager from Ho It village in Kutkai township, was injured on January 2, at 8:30 am., due to bombing by scout aircraft from the Terror Military Council while she was working together with her husband at their moving farm. 

Daw Aye Swae said, “I went to sleep at farm together with my husband and two children. I went out of the hut to drink water after having breakfast. At the time, they throw the bomb on the hill and the sharpeners hit my leg. I shouted to my husband that I was hit and he dragged me into the hut. Around that time, the plane was going around the area every day without any shooting. But, that day, it dropped the bomb. The plane was in white color and very loud.”

Daw Aye Swae was injured her thigh on right leg by a sharpener of a bomb and rescue car brought her to the Kutkai hospital. While they were preparing for X-Ray, one heavy weaponry shell dropped and blasted in the hospital compound. So, she was again brought by an ambulance passing the fighting to Kaunghkar Hospital, she said.

Similarly, two heavy weaponry shells shot from Kutkai Tectical Command artillery base, dropped on a civilian house in Honaung village on January 2, at 11:00 am, injured 21-year-old Daw Aye Ai and her sone 3-year-old Mai Anaing.

Mother-in-law of Daw Ai said, “(it) dropped at the time she was feeding her son. It hit the half of her stomach and the intestine came out. She was taken to the hospital after putting back the intestine and wrapped with the cloth. For her son, he got injured at his hand. My daughter was seriously hit. It also cost a lot for the medicine. She was not yet discharged from hospital.”

Both mother and son were treated at Kaunghkar hospital since early of the month on 2nd until the end of the month today for one month and for the medical expenses they need donors.