A Local Faces Difficulties Paying Medical Bills After Several Amputations For Landmine Injury

A resident of Honar Village in Nam Kham Township, who was working on charcoal in the forest west of the Tonkham Village monastery in Muse Township, Northern Shan State, was seriously injured by a landmine planted by the Terror Military Council while he was returning to have his lunch at 12:00 p.m. on December 27.

Mai Ngo said, “I was going back to have lunch. Others had already been at the hut. When I was on my way on the shortcut from Tonkham to 105-mile village, I stepped on a landmine. I went immediately to the clinic. As they said they couldn’t manage that wound and with the help of soldiers from AA, I went to Pan Sai. They also said they couldn’t manage and I was put some medication and went to Kokang military hospital. After I got there on 28, they amputated my leg at the level of the calf. As the infection at the wound persists, I had to go to the Namkham hospital yesterday.”

Mai Ngo was injured seriously at his right heel, left calf muscle, knee and thigh with sharpeners from the landmine. A week/ten days after he got amputated at the right thigh level at the hot spring hospital of Kokang army, the wound wasn’t better and the bones around became brownish and he was amputated again under his knee.

However, the injury did not heal and he had to be amputated for the third time above the knee, and he had to undergo medical treatment for (43) days, he continued.

According to his father, after the Terror Military Council came to construct a camp during the 1027 operation, on the top of the mountain where Mai Ngo had stepped on the landmine and the camp was surrounded by landmines.

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