Five locals killed and 2 other injured in aerial bombardment by the Terror Military Council at Namhpatkar

Five local residents died and 2 more were injured due to the aerial bombardment of the Terror Military Council during the fighting between Kachin Independence Army (KIO/KIA) and the Terror Military Council troops at Namhpatkar village, Kutkai township, Muse district in northern Shan State.

The incident happened around 5 pm on December 29, 2023 when the Terror army bombed into the Ward 4 using aircraft and 5 residents in the Ward were killed and other 2 were hit by sharpeners from bomb, said a victim. 

The victim Yar Ei Kyan told TWO, “I was cooking at the kitchen. A bomb dropped at the neighboring house. A sharpener hit me, at the head. The piece gets inside. The sharpener piece was taken out but feel not good in my head. I have to take treatment. Our house was also damaged.”

Same time with that incident, four members of a Chinese family were also hit by bomb and died.

Another resident who knows the incident said, “The Chinese family members were eating inside the house and all of them were killed when the bomb dropped. Only one child who was at the toilet survived. Another Chinese boy who was standing in front of their house was also killed. Around Aung Thabyay, 37 years-old Ko Aik Lon was also hit. He was about to close the house door. I don’t know he died or not.”

As the fighting has been intensifying between the Terror Military Council and Kachin Army (KIO/KIA) in Namhpatkar since December 29 until now, it is learnt that there has been damages of civilian houses, school and monastery in Wards of Namhpatkar. Due to that fighting, the locals had to fled to related adjacent places. 

This people fleeing from fighting includes children, women and elderly people and they are in need of food and medicine.

The most affected people are from Namhpatkar Ward 1, 2 and 5. As the communication lines were cut, Ta’ang Women’s Organization is still investigating the details of casualties and damages.