Six Family Members Killed in Heavy Weapon Blast in Lashio

From 10:30 PM last night (July 2) until the time of this report on July 3, the Terror Military Council has been continuously firing heavy artillery shells and dropping drone bombs on the outskirts of Lashio.

A heavy weaponry shell dropped and exploded at around 7:00 PM, on a house in the Tharyar Street in Ward (1), near Lashio University, killing six family members, according to a resident of Lashio.

A Lashio resident said, “ Since last night, they have been launching heavy artillery towards the outskirts of the town. This morning, one shell fell in Ward (1) on Tharyar Street. However, we were too afraid to go and see. While we were preparing to evacuate to another area, the shell hit the house in our neighborhood. Every fled. The family living in the house was killed, and the house and their car were destroyed. The exact number of casualties is still unknown.” 

Additionally, it was reported that a heavy artillery shell fired from Lashio exploded within the compound of the Nampawng Village School, damaging and the school building.

Residents said that the following clashes between the Kokang Army, the Three Brotherhood Alliance, and the Terror Military Council around the villages near Lashio, the Terror Military Council began indiscriminately shelling these areas.

On June 25, and 26, the Terror Military Council troops destroyed a bridge on the Lashio-Hsipaw road and another near the Lashio Mansan stream with mines. They also cut off the roads on Lashio-Mung Yaw and Lashio-Hsipaw by digging the trenches.

It was further reported that on July 3, the Three Brotherhood Alliance troops also cut off the road between Tang Yang and Mungye.

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