During Three Days of Fighting, 21 People Killed and More Than 10 Injured

In Kyaukme, fighting between the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Terror Military Council has continued up to today. Reports indicate that 21 people have been killed and more than 10 people were injured.

On June 27, one man was hit by a heavy weaponry shell in front of the State High School No. 1 at Htone Bo Ward (1), both his legs were broken and the bones were crushed.

Similarly, a heavy weaponry shell dropped on a civilian house at Yankin Ward (1), killing all four family members inside. 

In addition, an elderly couple in Namtong Ward were injured due to heavy weaponry. 

The official from Nampkhone Shan Nationals Charity Association, Kyaukme branch, said, “No bodies for today yet. We know about the bodies from yesterday and the day before. There was fighting yesterday, so we couldn’t go out. We had only a little time to carry them today, and they were already rotting. We picked up the bodies and put them into the bags. The bodies include both soldiers and civilians.”

On the day of June 25 when the fighting started, a drone bomb dropped on a civilian house at Htone Bo Ward (8) and two brothers were hit. The younger brother Ko Myo Wai Lin @ Ko Amyo was killed on the spot and the elder brother, Ko Aung Khin got superficial wounds.

On June 25, on the way back from the funeral of Ko Myo Wai Lin at Htone Bo Ward (8), a heavy weaponry shell dropped and exploded, seriously injuring a woman in both her thighs, according to a Htone Bo resident.

Similarly, a woman, Ma Saw Khin from Tilin Ward (9) was killed after being hit in the head by shrapnel while washing the plates.

Three people, including 14-year-old girl Nang Oum Ngin from Pan Paung Village on Union Road, a man from Nar Aik Khant Village, and a Gurkha girl from 2-mile-hill Ward, were injured in her left knee, due to heavy weapon shrapnel.

A resident from Kyaukme said, “A body was found at Taung Naght Ward. Some said it might be a soldier’s body. Others said when they found the body, it was in civilian dress and might be a civilian. Nearby charity organizations put the body in a plastic bag, and it was foul-smelling. The bodies in the trenches were soldiers’ bodies. At Yankin, the whole family, except a girl, was hit by heavy weaponry.”

On that day, a building from Aung Myay Thar Monastery Nyein Chan Yay Gone, Shan Kyaung Gyi monastery, and many houses from Taung Naught, Yankin and Htone Bo were damaged by heavy weaponry shells.

A man riding a motorcycle in Taung Naught Ward was shot dead by the Terror Military Council soldiers when he did not stop the motorcycle when they asked, but the exact information is not yet known.

Photo- Nampkhone Shan Nationals Charity Association- Kyaukme branch

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