The Number of IDPs Reaches 1000 in Kyaukme Township

In Kyaume, due to three consecutive days of Fighting between Ta’ang Naitonal Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Terror Miliary Council, nearly 1000 locals have to flee their homes.

An official from the Nampkhone Shan Nationals Charity Association said, “Until today, we have been busy picking up and clearing the bodies, so we could not get the exact number of IDPs. Until yesterday, it was 478, and I think today it would be nearly one thousand.”

As fighting continues in Kyaukme for three days, people from some wards and villages have taken refuge in nearby friends’ houses, Khomung Monastery, Nar Htuam Monastery, Naung Pein Lay and Naung Pein Gyi, Kanmein School, Sakhan Thar, Shan Literature and Cultural School, Poppayone Monastery and Aung Dhama Monastery, said Nampkhone Shan Nationals Charity Association.  

A resident from Htone Bo said, “Currently, we stay at our wards and dare not to go out. Some stay at a refugee camp opened near Khomung Monastery, but it’s not secure as there’s only covered rain cover sheets and bamboo walls. I feel safer at my house. We don’t go anywhere. We hear what happens in distant places and see what happens around us.”

Due to the ongoing fighting in Kyaukme, a total of 21 people, including soldiers and civilians, have been killed. Among them are 2 females and 19 males.

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