More Casualties at Kyaukme Due to Heavy Weaponry

On the evening of June 28, around 5:00 PM, a heavy weaponry shell dropped and exploded beside a house near army lake at Oat Kyin Ward, Kyaukme, causing the deaths of five people, including a child.

An Oat Kyin Ward resident said, “The heavy weaponry shell fell above my house, near the army lake. Since it was evening, children were playing on the street. If it had fallen on the main road, it will hit a lot of people.”

The house hit by the weaponry shell belonged to the officer of bus station. The deceased included a male driver, a couple, a woman in her 20s, and a two-year-old child. A total of five people were killed, and five others, including a child, were injured.

The injured were transported and treated by Kyaukme branch of the Nampkhone Shan Nationals Charity Association.

In addition, two women, Nang Khin Phone and Nang Mwe Lin San, were killed on June 29 in the afternoon when a heavy weaponry shell fell and exploded on a house near the Shwe Kyin Monastery in front of State High School No. 1, in Htone Bo Ward.

At Painnae Monastery behind the Kyaukme Hospital, an abbot and 3 other monks were injured due to the heavy weaponry and were sent to Mandalay Hospital for treatment.

According to the data collected by Ta’ang Women’s Organization, 14 people were killed in kyaukme due to heavy weaponry:  a man and two women in Htone Bo Ward (8), a man and two women at Yankin Ward, two men shot dead in Taungnaught Ward, two men from Nyein Chan Yay Gone and a child, two men, and two women from Oat Kyin Ward.

The injured included one man and one woman from Htone Bo Ward (8), three women, including a child from Yankin Ward, a man and a woman from Namtong Ward, one child from 12 Miles Hill, five people, including one child from Oat Kyin Ward, three monks from Painnae Monastery, and one child from Nam Pao village, totaling 16.

Due to the fighting, the residents of Kyaukme dared not stay at their houses and had to move to nearby monasteries. The number of refugees has reached over 2,000, and emergency food assistance is needed.

Photo – Local resident

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