The Villagers Flee due to Heavy Weaponry Shooting by the Terror Military Council at Manli Village, Namtu

The villagers had to flee for safety as the Terror Military Council shot heavy weaponry shells at Manli Village, Namtu Township, Northern Shan State which was occupied by Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), a local resident said.

The Terror Military Council from a military base near Hsipaw shot about 10 heavy weaponry shells from around 3:00 pm until after 9:00 pm on June 26 and people had to flee to nearby areas.

A resident of Manli Village said, “From 3:00 pm until about 10:00 pm, they shot continuously. Luckily, they dropped outside the village and no one was hurt. The sound of the blast was strange. There was no fighting. People went away from home, afraid of getting hurt. Only those who were looking after houses were remained.”

Similarly, students from the Myo Set Thit Charity Boarding House at Panlon Village also stayed at nearby villages.

A resident who knows the incident said, “When they shot heavy weaponries continuously, as we were worried for children, so we stayed at other places. As planes flied over the area frequently, we became more worried.”

Manli Village is situated between the Hsipaw, controlled by the Terror Military Council, and Namtu, controlled by Ta’ang National Liberation Army and on December 29, around 3:30 pm, the Terror Military Council deliberately bombed Manli village monastery in Chaung Sar Village Tract, Namttu township, North Shan, with a jet plane. The monastery was damaged and a TLEC female teacher who was working at Manli was killed. 

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