International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

“Let’s all work together to help the tortured to become a just society”

Date: June 26, 2024

1) On today’s occation of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the customs and culture of torture against the people of the whole country, including Ta’ang area, were used as a weapon of war and those perpetrators continue to commit crimes with widespread impunity. We, the Ta’ang Women’s Organization would like to condemn and show our stance against the perpetrators who have abused their power and are getting impunity.

2) Since the February 2021 coup to June 2024, there are 53 (53) people who were tortured in the Ta’ang region, most of which were crimes committed by the Terror Military Council. In addition, there are (361) people who were abused their human rights including arbitrary arrest and detention, killing, forced portering, aerial bombardment on public areas and villages, indiscriminate shooting of heavy weaponry, landmine explosion and etc., TWO has documented as far as we could reach.

3) The Terror Military Council has systematically but without any reason committed human rights violations. They have been arresting and torturing innocent people unjustly and forcing them to give confession/statement that they have links with an armed group and then they are charged. In this way, the Terror Military Council is committing crimes.

4) The Terror Military Council has been systematically and purposefully committing crimes against humanity, but has been getting impunity without any responsibility for ages. They are committing heinous human rights abuses brutally with impunity.

5) Ta’ang Women’s Organization requests the following points from the international community and organizations to take action against the terror military council that is torturing the people in various ways and committing brutal crimes.

  • In order to exert more political pressure from the international organization, international community should continue economic sanctions against the Terror Military Council and block all the businesses related to the Military Council
  • To block the sale of arms and jet fuel from abroad;
  • Not to invite to meetings, cooperation and communication with the Terror Military Council which would give them political legitimacy.
  • To collaborate with relevant community-based organizations to ensure that people who are suffering from human rights violations receive sufficient humanitarian aid.
  • To bring to justice the Terror Military Council that commits torture and war crimes against civilians brutally.


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