Statement of the First Ta’ang Women’s Forum

Letter Number 03/2024

March 31, 2024

  1. Ta’ang Women’s Forum, organized by Ta’ang Women’s Organization, was held from March 28 to 29, 2024. The Forum was attended by altogether about (150) representatives including women representatives from 10 townships, representatives from various Ta’ang civil organizations, members of village violence reduction committee, members of village women representative committee, representatives from the women development department, and women leaders in the region.
  2. During the two-day forum, among the issues, women’s peace and security issues, National-International women’s rights movements, discussion and analysis on the situation of women representation and participation in the current region, Issues related to participation of women in all the levels of decision making, most common violence against women in the region including sexual violence especially related to armed conflict, and traditional practices, rules and regulations and orders and instructions that discriminate and oppress women in the region; were discussed and searched ways to resolve the issues.
  3. The future plans were discussed and set to widely carry out women’s rights activities in the region, and to strengthen the cooperation of women networks, and to increase the participation of women representatives, and to draft the gender policy in this year, were also discussed and decided. 
  4. Ta’ang Women’s Organization, representing the women, denounces the ignorance on the participation of women in leadership and decision-making processes including the political and peace related discussion and transitional justice and rehabilitation issues. As discussions on politics, peace, and transformation of conflicts without women, do not represent the women, we will fight against the ideology of male dominance in order to achieve the gender equality that we hope.   
  5. Based on the above-mentioned discussions, TWO would like to seriously urge the revolutionary forces, related organizations, and the administrative team in related regions to the following points.

(a) To seriously implement at least 30% participation of women in every decision-making process and dialogue, including the political and peace process.

(b) To draft and enforce gender policies and special protection procedures for women in various organizations and to have separate budgets for gender equality in related governments and regional administrative bodies.

(c) To allow women’s rights promotion activities to be carried out freely so that it would be wider.

(d) To avoid the application and nullify the conservative practices, rules and regulations, orders and instructions, that are harmful and oppress women.

(e) To avoid using as hostages in armed conflicts, to take effective actions against those who perpetrated sexual violence against women, and to have special temporary protection mechanisms for women and girls in armed conflicts.

(f) To prevent girls and children from being recruited as child soldiers and to arrange for the release and re-education of children who serve as child soldiers.

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