A Resident of Namparchee Village in Need of Help, Getting treatment after injured by a Landmine

Ta’ang Women’s Organization

A man who stepped on a landmine in Namparchee Village, Kutkai Township, Muse District, northern Shan State, is now in need of help to receive medical treatment.

U Aung Thike, 33, was collecting bottles and other items with his wife in Namparchee Village at around 10:00 AM on April 12. When he parked his motorcycle at a spot on the side of the Union Road between Kutkai and Hsenwi. While urinating in the bushes by the roadside, he accidentally stepped on a landmine, resulting in serious injuries and he is currently receiving medical treatment.

His wife said, “He said he wanted to urinate so he stopped his motorcycle and went to the bushes by the roadside and then stepped on a landmine. When he stepped on the landmine, he screamed loudly.  I wanted to go and help, but the Kokang soldiers told me not to because there might be another mines nearby. Later they helped bring him to the side of the road.”

The person who stepped on the landmine suffered severe injuries to his left foot, forehead, right eye, and chin, and had to have his left foot amputated when he went to the Ziwaka private clinic.

Due to the extensive injuries caused by the landmine explosion, he needs to go to the hospital or clinic regularly, which cost of over 100,000 kyats per visit. Therefore, he requires help for his regular medical visits.

U Aung Thike has two school-going children. Previously, he worked as a construction worker to support his family. However, after the conflict occurred, this job became unfeasible, so he and his wife switched to collecting bottles and glass bottles for living.

The area where he stepped on the landmine is within the operational area of the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA- Kokang Army), but it is currently uncertain which organization laid the landmine.


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