Three Locals Step Landmines In Mantong Township In One Week, 2 Die And 1 Child Injured

Three locals stepped on landmines in one week in Mantong Township, Northern Shan State and 2 died and 1 child was injured and is being treated at Namsan Hospital.

In the incident at 9:30 in the morning on June 17, five local women from Mangtauk Village were picking tea leaves on the farm. Daw Ei Say, who is 32 years old, she stepped on a landmine while going to pick mushrooms near the tea plantation site. Both her legs were severed, and she died instantly.

A village leader said, “They went to pick tea leaves. They were five women. Yar Ei Say separated from the group and she was about to pick mushrooms and stepped on a landmine. She was died on the spot.”

In another incident, on 13June, when 78-year-old U Aik Sar from Lontauk Village was searching for buffaloes near the former base of the Terror Military Council Battalion 130, he stepped on a land mine, one of his legs was severed and he bled to death.

Son of U Aik Sar said, “My father as he didn’t see the buffaloes and was following the footprints in the paddy field and searching for buffaloes. He got near the battalion 130. He stepped on a landmine and died there.”

Similarly, 16-year-old Maung Yan Lay also lost his left leg when he stepped on a landmine while looking for mushrooms near the same military camp at 7:00 a.m. on June 11.

Maung Yan Lay’s left leg was cut off. His right hand was seriously injured, and he was still receiving treatment at Namsan Hospital as he was hit with landmine shrapnel all over his body.

After 1027 operation, in Mantong Township, between June 11 and 17, the number of people who stepped on landmines increased, and there were 2 dead, including a woman and a child, and 1 injured for the total of 3 casualties.

Photo- Local/TWO

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