A Villager Lost Left Leg after Stepping on Landmine on the Way to Moving Farm and Treated at Kyaukgu Hospital 

A local man from Loikan Village, Kyaukgu Village Tract, Inndaw Sub-township, Lawksawk Township, Southern Shan State lost his left leg after stepping on landmine while he was on his way to moving farm and now is treated at Kyaukgu Hospital.

The incident occurred on June 14 at around 9:00 a.m. 42-year-old U Khin Maung was on his way to the moving farm on the hill to sow rice and corn seedlings. He stepped on a land mine when he was walking back after looking at a buffalo that had been hit by a mine on the road leading to a field near Loikan village, and one of his legs was cut off.

A resident from Loikan Village said, “He went to the farm to sow rice and corn seedlings. He was with his bullock cart. He hanged his bullock cart at a tree and checked the buffaloes. He was checking one of his buffaloes which had stepped on landmine. From there, he didn’t go further to the farm and came back. At that time, he stepped on a landmine. His leg was cut off below his knee.”


U Khin Maung who stepped on the landmine lost his left leg and is getting treatment at Kyaukgu Hospital.

Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) and Shan State Progressive Party have their military bases in that area.

Photo – Local resident

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