A woman from Muse who had her leg amputated after stepping on a landmine, needs help for medical treatment

Ta’ang Women’s Organization

A woman from Mangmai Village, Muse area, northern Shan State, stepped on a landmine on May 21, 2024 at around 6:00 am, while she went to pee on the road side near the village and she had to get one of her legs amputated.

The landmine victim said, “I was on the way to market. When I got near Mangmai school, I wanted to pee and sit on a hill. I didn’t think there would be a landmine. As soon as I stepped on the landmine, it blasted. On 22nd, I had to cut off my left leg.” 

Ma Khine Cho Win, who stepped on the mine, is a native of Bagan- Nyaung Oo, and was working at Muse to support her family and now she is facing difficulties not only for the medical treatment but also for her living.

“Those who have money don’t have to go out looking for food. Only poor people like us have to go out to look for it. When I went out to look for it, I stepped on a landmine. Due to this injury, I can’t walk anymore. I would need to use crutches or wheelchair. It is more difficult for me. I could get medical treatment as others helped me both for food and for medical treatment. If it’s just our family, I might not afford to get medical treatment,” she revealed sadly.

According to the data collected by Ta’ang Women’s Organization, among the (44) people who had stepped on landmines during 2024, there are 9 people from Muse township and people from Mangmai step on landmines frequently.

Phone – sent by local resident

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