A Novice and a Young Person Killed by Landmine Explosion Near the Temple in Mongkyet Village

A novice and a young person were killed by a landmine explosion near the temple in Mongkyet Village, Lashio Township, northern Shan State.

On May 2, 2024, around 9 a.m., while carrying bricks with a handcart near the temple in Mongkyet Village, a novice and a 19-year-old Ta’ang ethnic youth named Sai Aik Ngin were killed by a landmine explosion.

According to the brother of the deceased Sai Aik Ngin, “Other people were walking back and forth where they were blasted, but the landmine didn’t explode. The novice was carrying bricks with a handcart, and the cart was loaded with bricks, it must have been heavy enough for the mine to explode. The novice died on the spot, and my brother passed away after getting operation at the hospital.”

Sai Aik Ngin, who was hit by the landmine, suffered severe injuries to his hands, abdomen, and buttocks. He died while receiving treatment at Lashio General Hospital.

Mongkyet Village was the site of a fierce battle between the Terror Military Council and and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), a member of the Northern Alliance during the Operation 1027

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