Two Young Men from Mansat Village Injured When a Wire Mine Exploded on the Lashio-Muse Highway

A wire mine picked up in Mansat Village, Mantong Township, northern Shan State exploded, injuring two local young men.

On May 1, 2024, at around 3:00 p.m., 18-years-old Mai Aik Kun and Mai Naing Tun Aung, were going to detonate the mine in a stream of water and it exploded on the way, causing them seriously injured when they were struck by fragments of the mine.

The wire mine was picked up from the Lashio-Muse highway, about 2 miles from their village, and exploded at some point on their way to a nearby stream in the village.

A local resident who knows the incident said, “They found a mine on the road and intended to detonate it in the stream. The mine had a wire attached, and they didn’t realize it was a mine. The wire had positive and negative poles, and they thought to connect it to a battery. One person held the mine while the other pulled the wire. When they touched the positive and negative ends, the mine exploded, injuring both of them.”


Mai Aik Kun, who was holding the wire mine, suffered a broken wrist on his left hand and damage to his left leg from mine fragments, while Mai Naing Tun Aung, who was pulling the wire of the mine, suffered injuries to his face and left hand.

The two local residents who were hit by the mine immediately went to the Mansat Village Health Center. However, as the health center was unable to treat their injuries, they are currently being treated at Namtu Public Hospital.

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