More Casualties in Lashio Due to Artillery Shelling

Today, on July 4, intense the fighting between the Three Brotherhood Alliance troops and the Terror Military Council resulted in artillery shell explosions in wards and villages in Lashio. Three more local residents were killed at Ward (11).

A Lashio resident said, “This morning, it might have been behind the Educational College in Ward (11) when three more people were hit and killed by artillery shells. All three of them were men.”

Similarly, an artillery shell dropped and exploded at a post- primary school near the railway at Station Ward, causing some destruction there, that local resident added.

“Around afternoon, an artillery shell dropped on the side of the train station and damaged a school. Luckily, the school was closed yesterday and today, so there was no children there. If the school had not been closed, it would be unthinkable. We can hear the sounds of gunshots the whole day,” he added.

During the two days of fighting in Lashio township, many artillery shells dropped and exploded: 1 on Byuha Road in Ward (1), 2 in Ward (4), 2 in a Jar Mai Village, Ward (7), 3 in Ward (9), 1 near the traffic light in Ward (10), 1 on Tharaphi Road, 1 near Bokalay Restaurant in front of Taw Ya Monastery, 1 near the Ko Pyone Cho car repair garage, 1 in the golf club compound, 1 behind the Lashio Education College, and 1 on the side of railway in Station Ward. These incidents were documented from residents of the town.

In addition, today, due to the artillery shell explosion in the Nampaung village on the main road of Tangyan, Lashio Township, a local was injured by shrapnel. Yesterday, on July 3, a woman was killed, and two men were injured due to artillery shells at Nampaung Village.

Ta’ang Women’s Organization is still investigating the details of the incident and will release follow-up information.

Photo – Local

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