Four More Locals Killed in Lashio in Two Days Due to Artillery Shelling

A mother and son were killed by artillery shelling due to intense fighting between the Three Northern Brotherhood Alliance and the Terror Military Council in Lashio, Northern Shan State.

This morning (July 4), a heavy artillery shell dropped and exploded in Region (3) of Ward (9), killing a mother and her child. Additionally, two more artillery shells exploded in Region (1).

A local who witnessed the incident said, “As far as I know, when the artillery shell dropped, the mother and child were inside the house. When the shell dropped, both of them were hit. The house was damaged. The mother died on the spot, and her son died while being taken to the hospital.”

Along with this incident, on July 3, two locals were killed, and another 9, including a monk were injured when an artillery shell dropped and exploded in the compound of Pan Oat Monastery, Ward (4).

The Person who assisted during the incident told Ta’ang Women’s Organization, “The shell dropped into the monastery compound, setting a car on fire. Among the injured were 3 novices. About 10 people who came to take refuge in the monastery were injured, and 2 were killed. There are more casualties today but I haven’t got the detailed information yet.”

During the two days of fighting in Lashio, artillery shells exploded in five different wards, according to data collected by the Ta’ang Women’s Organization, as far as possible, 10 local people, including a child, were killed and more than 10 people were injured.

Photo- Local

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