Three Houses Damaged at Hsenwi Due to Aerial Bombardment by the Terror Military Council Without Any Fighting

Some houses were damaged due to the aerial bombardment of the Terror Military Council at around 1:00 am Today, July 4, in Hsenwi, Northern Shan State, which is under control of the Kokang army (MNDAA), without any fighting.

A local woman said, “When we were sleeping, we heard the sounds of airplanes. So, we woke up to check after midnight. We were afraid of bombing and thought to go into a bomb shelter. But the plane headed towards the town. In the morning, I learned that the plane bombed the town. About 6 houses were hit. Out of them, three houses were completely destroyed. There were no casualties. They dropped three bombs.” 

Due to the aerial bombing, people from town had fled to the places far from town, leaving only those who were guarding the houses left, the woman continued.

Similarly, yesterday, on July 3 at around noon, three houses and a sub-high school in Mine Lee village were damaged, and a local was injured as the Terror Military Council dropped bombs from a plane. The situation is still being investigated for confirmation.

Photo – Local

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