A Local Villager Stepped on a Landmine near Sakhanthit, the former military based of the Terror Military Council and Gets Medical Treatment

Ta’ang Women’s Organization

A man stepped on a landmine and got seriously injured on his leg, getting medical treatment at the hospital in Namkham township, Muse District in northern Shan State. 

The incident happened on March 12 around 9 am., a man stepped on a landmine when he checked the locals repairing water pipes near Sakhanthit which is a former military based of the Terror Military Council near Lwe Sar village.

The victim said, “On that day, we could not work as there was no electricity, I came back from Lwe Sar village through the route passing Sakhanthit. I came with another friend. He was quite far and he was spared. When we got near the gate, we heard people talking. I was about to go and check what they were doing. But, I stepped on a landmine near the pagoda. I thought there would be no landmine near the pagoda. The wound was on the sole of my left foot. My toes were cut. It also hit my both knees. After I got injured, I tied the wounds with the clothes I had by myself and came to the road. After soldiers saw me around there, they sent me to the hospital.”  

The man who stepped on the landmine is 34-years-old The man who stepped on the landmine was a mason and carpenter. He is a (34)-year-old ethnic Karen native from Kyonpyaw Township, Irrawaddy Division.

As the Terror Military Council laid many landmines in their former military bases, there has been two people who had stepped on landmines near the Sakhanthit camp in 2024, according to the record from Ta’ang Women’s Organization.

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