The Terror Military arrests and tortures 6 local residents without any reason

The Terror Military arrests and tortures 6 local residents without any reason

January 31, 2024

Six innocent civilians were arrested during the town seizure battle of Kutkai, Muse District, northern Shan State and they were tortured in the underground cell, the victims said.

Those who were arrested are 50-year-old U Aik Aung, Mai Aik Lin, Mai Aik Tun, Ko Aik Yai Saung, 23-year-old Mai Aik Yee and 35-year-old U Aik Phe, and are from Manghtan and Hokyent villages. 

(50)-year-old U Aik Aung from Hokyent village was arrested at his house on December 21, 2023 at 3:00 pm., and he had been detained for (19) days in underground cell at Tactical command hill. He was rescued only when Ta’ang Army could control the whole town of Kutkai on January 8, 2024. 

The victim himself said, “When I was arrested, there was not much fighting. I was talking on the phone at home when they came.  They searched in the house and found a walkie Talkie. I was arrested by the 242 Battalion. I was put in six holes in the cell. My eyes and neck were tied. My wrists were cuffed. Since I was arrested, I was not fed any food. I only had a bottle of water for a day. I had to sleep there. I had to pee there. My wrists and ankles were tied so tightly that the ropes penetrated my skin about 3/4 inches.”

As they found a walkie talkie at home, Hokyent villager U Aik Aung was most severely tortured during the detention among those six people arrested. The walkie talkie was bought to communicate among the members of village development committee. Then, he was released alive. His house was also damaged due to 500 pound bomb while he was in detention.

When he was arrested and tortured, he was asked two questions; about the location of the Ta’ang Army (TNLA) weapons and his personal identification number. They used knife, stick, bamboo shuttle and Iron rods to torture him. He is still being treated for these injuries.

Another person who was arrested, Manghtan villager Mai Aik Yee said, “At the time of fighting, I was in the trench. When it was quiet, I came out and went straight to the soldiers unfortunately. I was arrested together with my uncle. We were taken to the tactical command and later handed over to police. I was asked where I am a soldier or not. I was not beaten anymore, and I was released on the 5th day,” he said again.

When the (5) villagers were released, the village officials and Ta’ang Literature and Culture organizations needed to give recommendation and (5) Myanmar Kyats, he said.

Currently, Ta’ang National Liberation Army (PSLF/TNLA) has controlled battalions, artillery battalion, tactical command hill and all the departments. And, mobile and internet networks were still cut.