A school and many houses damaged on second aerial bombardment at Mangli village, Namtu, by the Terror Military Council without any fighting

Yesterday on January 10 around 5 pm, the Terror Military Council made second bombardment at Mangli village, Namtu township in northern Shan State, and many buildings including school and many civilian houses were damaged.

Due to the bombardment, a school, a pre-school, a hall and a Buddhist ordination hall and a self-help library as well as civilian houses in Mangli village were damaged.

A young monk from Mangli said, “Bombs were dropped around 5 pm yesterday evening. The school was demolished, and nothing left. The bomb also hit a preschool, a hall, a Buddhist ordination hall, and library. Then, more than 10 civilian houses were damaged.”

According to the young monk, the jet before coming and bombing at Mangli village, it also bombed near Konsone village, Hsipaw township.

In a similar event, on December 29, 2023, a jet plane bombed at Mangli village without any fighting, and many religious buildings in the monastery were damaged and a teacher from Ta’ang National Education Committee, Lway May Phyo was hit by the bomb, and killed on the spot.