Drone bomb, in Monastery Compound where IDPs live, kills (1) 10th Standard student and injures (10) including children

As bombed by drone on January 3 in the compound of Kyaung Kham Monastery at Hsenwi township, Lashio district in northern Shan State, (10) local people including children were injured, (1) 10th Standard female student was killed and the monastery was damaged.

The incident happened on January 3 at around 11:00 a.m., after the army patrolling was bomb by three drones and in response to it, the military then bombed the Kyaung Kham monastery, resulting in this loss of life.

Those who injured were U Kyaw Swar and other (9) people and the diseased was 16-years-old 10th standard female student Ma Nyein Thuzar Htwe. Ta’ang Women’s Organization continues to investigate the name and situation of other injured people.

U Kyaw Swar who was injured said, “I was hit at the ankle of my leg. I got de-stitching yesterday. Now, I feel better except I cannot walk very well. If I walk a lot, there is bleeding from the wound. Many got injured, but not very serious. Only two were seriously injured. There is a nurse at the monastery who was also fleeing from fighting and she treated us for our injuries. Now, all are better.”

There was no armed group at the place where the bomb dropped, but there were only the people who had fled from fighting since October 28. After the bombing incident, people no longer dared to stay in the monastery and moved to Mangsue Monastery, Baptist Christian Church in Lashio and Hotong Monastery in Hsenwi, he continued.

In the incident, drone bombs were dropped at the terror military camp and then another bomb was dropped in the monastery compound. But, the internally displaced people in the Kyaung Kham monastery couldn’t say clear that which organization or group bombed them, the locals commented.