A villager returning from a rubber plantation had his left hand amputated after shot by the Terror Military Council and needed help for medical treatment

A villager who was working at a rubber farm in Hakka Village, Lashio Township, Lashio District, Northern Shan State, was shot by the terror military council while returning from the farm to Hakka Village. He was injured seriously and had to be treated. 

The incident happened on December 23, 2023, around 10:00 a.m. when U Kun Htwe was returning from the rubber farm to Hakka Village, he was shot by the terror army when he was stopped by the terrorist army and he could not hear the order due to the sound of the tractor known as : Htawlargyi”.

The son of the victim, Mai Wanna said, “I just learned that my father was shot only when he got to hospital. He had his one hand to be amputated. The economy of our family is not good. We have to work on other people’s farms as casual workers. My father went back to buy some snacks for my younger sister. When he got to the place where the soldiers were. He couldn’t hear their voice when they called him due to the sound of the tractor. So, they shot him.”  

Although (50)-years-old U Khun Htwe was injured on his arm and stomach on the left side, he could not pay for the treatment at the Lashio hospital and the doctors at the hospital asked him to go back home.

Mai Wanna said, “As we don’t have money, nurses asked us to go back. Doctors asked for (1) million kyats. We can’t afford it and we paid only 100,000. So, doctors rented a three-wheel taxi and paid 20,000 kyat for going home.”

During the 1027 operation, the Terror Military Council has been shooting or arresting innocent people without any reason in Lashio township.

There were similar shooting incidents by the Terror Military Council. On November 24, (2) Taang youths were shot on the road to enter into Lashio city. A young local man who was going from Nampoun to Tangyang was also shot. And, during the Marshall Law order, a local resident at the Byuhar road and two people at Ward (5) were also shot.  

Photo – family