The Terror Military Council drops bombs by Jet fighters at Kumhe Village, Namsan though no fighting

On January 11, at around 4:30 pm., the Terror Military Council’s jet fighters dropped bombs at Kumhe Village, Namsan Township, Ta’ang region in northern Shan State.

A resident from Namsan said, “There is no fighting. I don’t know why they come and shoot. We were afraid and hiding in the trench. Nobody dared to came out to look.”

Until the time of this report was writing, Jet fighters came back and were flying around the village, another villager said.

After the town seizing battle of Namsan, the Terror Military Council frequently launched heavy weaponry and aerial bombardments without any reason. On January 7, 8 villagers were killed and another 13 were injured after second time bombardment at Myothit Village without any fighting.

Photo – Local (Ashia Uttama)


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