Residents of Namphatkar Fleeing and Urgently Require Food and Basic Medicines Due to the Prolonged War

Local residents to flee to safer areas as heavy fighting has continued between the Kachin Independence Army (KIO/KIA) and the Namphatkar-based Infantry Battalion (123) under the Terror Military Council in Namphatkar Village, Kutkai Township, northern Shan State, since December 29th last year.

Due to the ongoing war, residents from Namphatkar had to escape to nearby places, farms, and sugarcane plantations. There is an urgent need for food, basic medicines, and essential items for mothers and infants.

A Namhpatkar resident said, “We have been here since 29. Some people are hiding in the forests, in the farms, and in the fields. Those who have come here are children of a few months old, mostly women and elderly people. Some people are sick, and what we need urgently right now is food, medicine, some mothers need powdered milk to feed their babies.”

As of now, there are nearly 80 people who have fled the war in Manaung and Hpaden village tracts in Namkham Township and some of them are working as daily casual laborers in the nearby areas due to living difficulties.

One escapee said, “Since September last year, we have had to escape to Namphatkar multiple times without any way to do any work. There is no fighting but they are shooting with heavy weapons. From time to time, people are getting hit. The fighting is taking too long and it is not good to relying on others for so long. If possible, I hope this war to be over.”

In Namphatkar, 5 local residents were killed and 2 injured in fighting between the Terror Military Council and the Kachin Independence Army (KIO/KIA). In addition, the houses of local residents, schools, and some temples have been damaged.