An IDP family go back home for food, father killed and three other injured in jet fighter aerial bombing

Ta’ang Women’s Organization

Four family members were injured in bombing by Jet fighter of the Terror Military Council into the Hokhoke village, Inmein Hokyent village tract, Kutkai Township, northern Shan State on Januray 1, at 11:00 am., the father among the family members died on the spot.

The incident happened during 2023 December when there was fighting between Ta’ang Army (TNLA) and the Terror Military Council, while the villagers of Hokyent, Manhtang and Hwekhoke villages fled to nearby Mangton village. While the villagers were in Mangton village, the family ran out of money so they came back home to get some food and they were hit by bomb from the plane and the father died.  

Aye Lway who was injured said, “One night we came back home and slept. When we were putting rice, salt, oil and other things into a basket and we heard the sound of a plane coming. It passed the house and then there was explosion. The bomb dropped near my father who was standing in front of the hut. He just could say I am hit and then he died. My mother and me also got injured by sharpeners.” 

The diseased was 50-year-old U Aik Kit. His wife 53-year-old Daw Yar O was injured on her left hand and right shoulder. Their daughter 23-year-old Aye Lway was injured at her elbow and 25-year-old Ma Aye who accompanied with them was hit at her ankle and could not walk yet and is still getting treatment.

“My father didn’t tell us that he saved and hid some money to build the kitchen. We knew only on the day we went back. He was worried about his money. But, after we were wounded, we went straight to the hospital and our house was broken in. Somebody stole that money. During the funeral of my father, another plane came again. But, we were at the hospital,” said the daughter of U Aik Kit.

The 3 injured people were referred from Kutkai hospital to Kawnghkar hospital and they have been treated weekly for more than 20 days so far.

According to the field documentation of Ta’ang Women’s Organization, during the ten-day-long battle at Kutkai, due to aerial bombardment and heavy weaponry shelling, (7) civilians were killed and other (7) were injured.

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